EventMasterBook.com is launched – A new knowledge hub for event professionals worldwide

September 14, 2021

EventMasterBook.com – The new knowledge hub for event professionals worldwide

EventMasterBook.com – The new knowledge hub for event professionals worldwide

AdCoach has launched EventMasterBook.com, a new international knowledge platform for event management and live marketing.

COLOGNE, NRW, GERMANY, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A new knowledge hub for live marketing and event management has been launched:
EventMasterBook.com offers paid and free online courses, books, checklists, tutorials and an event magazine on current event marketing topics to inspire and empower event professionals worldwide.

The platform is published by AdCoach, an international training and consulting company based in Cologne / Germany. Eventmasterbook.com offers educational content and inspiration for event managers worldwide with numerous tips and news on current event trends, best practices, tools, link tips and sources of supply.

A highlight of the platform is the international Event Master Course – a high-quality masterclass for professional event planning, event management and event marketing. The online course is accessible 24/7, for both individuals and corporate clients. It includes 14 step-by-step video tutorials and offers 42 detailed checklists and templates for download. A personal course certificate/badge is included.

All AdCoach's event management online seminars guarantee a high training standard. There is a focus on details and a special emphasis on sustainability, diversity and social fairness, as well as on innovative event technologies, event marketing strategies and current event formats, incl. green events and multicultural events.

Other highlights of Eventmasterbook.com are: a free Event Planning online course, an inspiring Event Magazine and the international "Event Master Book" – a printed workbook that facilitates the systematic planning of business/corporate events (e.g. product launches, roadshows, business conferences, exhibition events, etc.). More books and online trainings on current event planning topics are announced for the coming months.

AdCoach's stated mission is to establish EventMasterBook.com (https://eventmasterbook.com) as a central knowledge hub for the international event industry – empowering event managers worldwide to successfully manage innovative, inspiring and sustainable business/corporate events – from live events to hybrid and digital events.

The Eventmasterbook.com platform and its educational services are entirely in (easy to understand) English, as the event business is becoming increasingly international and English is the common language in the global event industry.

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