OBCIDO Inc. Tackles Mental Health With This New Policy

September 14, 2021

OBCIDO's team operate from the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.

OBCIDO is launching a Mental Health Program for all employees. Effective immediately, OBCIDO will match paid public holidays with equal paid mental health days.

It is by introducing new corporate and government policies in addition to providing a safe environment that we can properly tackle mental health and break the taboo around it.”
— Chaker Khazaal, OBCIDO's chairman

NEW YORK, USA, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- OBCIDO, an American start-up digital marketing and web solutions company, has launched a Mental Health Program for its employees. Recognizing the psychological ramifications of COVID-19, OBCIDO will match paid public holidays with paid mental health days.

OBCIDO's Chairman, Chaker Khazaal, a strong advocate for mental health, was recently featured in a campaign encouraging people to break the social taboo and start talking. It was also the focal point of Khazaal's last book, Ouch. Launching OBCIDO's Mental Health Program is a natural progression.     

OBCIDO's Middle East team suffers economic and security challenges. US and Canadian employees struggle with the daily consequences of the virus, and Melbourne, Australia, has been in an extended lockdown for over 220 days. These are some of the locations that OBCIDO’s team works from.

With the Program, employees are eligible for 12 mental health days a year with a commitment of two of the following services to enlist - professional help, self-help apps to improve mental health (uMore, Moodfit, MoodMission), or talk about mental health with family or friends. Should the situation escalate, an employee can apply for an extended paid period of absence.

As parts of the world are opening up, OBCIDO's Mental Health Program will ensure their employee's transition is smooth, well beyond safety and physical re-integration. 

A healthy component of their core value, OBCIDO knows mental health matters.


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